Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The pallet on the right is Cool Whip. Every freezer has multiple pallets of just whipped topping right now, getting ready for the holiday.

Taking my photo blog on the road, people!


This is why I love Target stores. They are as anal about cleanliness as me. Look at this freezer! Every other store has shelves with boxes and pallets everywhere. Not Target.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Made my first pie today.
And by made, I mean I took the frozen pumpkin pie out of the Sara Lee box and baked it.
Still good though.


Sunday our baby boy decided to take a nap during dinner.


Saturday I bought this little toy ninja out of a vending machine at the store for a quarter. Just a little treat for my son because he always wants to put money into the machine.

It's amazing how something this small, that probably costs a dime to make at most, can bring so much happiness to a young boy.


The boy brought this project home from daycare Friday.

A cute turkey. Cute on my plate in a few weeks.


Thursday I taught the boy how to play "War" on this very deck of cards.